About Us

At CUBAN LINK, the motto is “MAKE A STATEMENT” and STAND OUT.  As the founder of CUBAN LINK, we strive to amplify your individual style with CUSTOM pieces that are TIMELESS.

CUBAN LINK has become a BRAND that represents custom, timeless, and unique pieces.



  My name is Cuban, the owner of Cuban Link. Cuban Link was a BRAND way before I realize it. What started as a fashion journey for me, turned into my BRAND. As I got dressed for special occasions, I would go on a hunt to find the perfect accessories to pair with my outfit. After adding a unique accessory, I noticed an instant POP.  

       Jewelry is the accessory that every girl needs to bring out their outfit. After realizing the accessories were the KEY to dress any outfit up, I became obsessed with finding key pieces that I can wear with any outfit.

      My passion turned into my BRAND, as I found custom pieces and non- custom pieces that became a staple in my accessory kit. By adding one of these key items, you'll notice an instant change in your statement piece. You'll turn heads and receive so many compliments on ANY occasion.

                      Trust in US. We are happy to serve you.