All custom orders are completed in 4-6 weeks and shipped out immediately (However, most items are shipped within 4 weeks). After an order is placed, production begins the next business day. Each custom order undergoes TWO phases. During phase One: Our production team creates a custom mold for each personalized item. After the mold is completed, the mold is sent to the next phase of production which is the last stage (Phase 2). 


NOTE: Custom orders can't be rushed/ expedited during the production phase. We can only expedite shipping, after the item is out of production.

Production Process: (example)

Order DateJuly 1st, 2021 (The date Cuban Link received the order). Please provide any changes the SAME day the order was placed.


Production: July 2nd, 2021 (The date Cuban Link begins production on all custom items). Once production has started, items can't be changed, exchanged, or refunded



Order CompletedAugust 1st, 2021. (The date of completion for custom item). Order will be shipped the next day. 

NOTE: Please keep in mind that some orders might exceed 4 weeks which was stated previously above. Cuban Link strives to produce and ship orders in 4 weeks. However, custom orders take time and production is based on the amount of orders on a weekly basis. 


If your billing address differs from your shipping address, you are required to provide a credit authorization form and photo identification. We have attached a credit authorization form to this email. Please fill this form out and reply to this message with your first name, last name, order number,  State Identification and credit authorization form. Once documents are received the item will be released to you. If the documents aren't received in 7 days, you order will be refunded

-Thank You

Cuban Link