Wyntour Fur Shawl (All)

Wyntour Fur Shawl (All)

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Our “Wyntour” Fur Shawl- is the perfect Show-Stopper for this Fall and Winter. This CUSTOM Fur shawl is the perfect Staple piece for All (adults and children)!

       Imagine everybody being amazed by your custom fur? You’ll be the only person with it and that’ll grab everyone’s attention.  It’s a Must Have for this season line-up.

It’s super cozy, unique, and timeless. and you'll definitely be grabbing this one to wear often. 

*Currently available in selective colors. 


·       Name: Maximum of 7 letters are allowed

·       *Review pictures of different names for     a visual

·       Color:  Select Pre-Made Color Scheme  

·       Material:  Fur


·       5 inch width | 43 inches length 

·       Recommend: This size is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Fur Shawl Care: 

·       Spot clean only with soft damp cloth

·       Dry Clean